Everywhere we go on the internet, there are advertising options everywhere; often to a fault. The advertising options distract the reader to the point that they leave a particular page without truly absorbing the real intent of the page. 

Often these advertising options are somewhat 'in your face' and often deceptive. The reader is draw into the advertisement under the illusion that it's free when in fact it isn't. The 'trick' played by the advertisement is to give the reader something free after they had made a purchase.

There are then the pages that are so filled with advertisements that the substance of the page is next to nothing. Such pages heavily rely on readers accidentally clicking on one of the multitude of advertisements.

Finally there are those who seek out advertisers by email. These people rely on the law of averages; namely if enough emails are sent, then a few people may respond. 

The advertising options that we are offering involve none of the above methods of gaining customers. 

We have no sites that are over-run by advertising or advertising options nor will I permit 'loud' advertisements. We make no false promises and the fees and advertisement sizes are straightforward.with no increase in price to you. No catches.

We will not attempt to recruit advertisers by email. Quite the opposite. On the 'Advertisement Options' page here is an email box that interested parties contact me.

If you are interested in advertising on any of our blogs, we look forward do hearing from you. feel free to peruse our sizes and prices below......

125x125 slot: $25-month

125x125 block of 4: $80-month

300x250 block: $120-month