Friday, December 31, 2010

Bob Findlay 2010 Music Review

Like most people I started 2010 full of ambition and big ideas, only to be side-tracked by what 'seemed like a good idea at the time.' 

Despite a thirst to continue album recording I began finding an awful lot of changes in the music industry....and every single one included music companies making more money. I didn't want to sit here and bag these companies so I decided to write a book. I released "Online Music Traps" in March and was amazed at the simplicity of writing it and the amount of positive responses. This was followed by about 3 months blogging any article relating to independent music. The next thing I knew, I was almost half-way through the year.

Earlier in the year, New Zealand musician Tommie Brewster told me of a site called Bandcamp. At the time she hadn't used it but thought that I may be interested. She was right. Bandcamp allows musicians to upload files in any high-quality format and put their own price on an album or single; 100% goes to the musician. It also allows the musician to use codewords for certain albums that provides listeners with designated discounts. Customers can download whichever format that they choose & can also use PayPal.

If you look at the "Redemption" sound-player to your left, simply enter the codeword lusty and view the discount on the already discounted album. "Redemption" was an experiment that went well. I had recently received a new 'wave' of fans via my website and the Bob Findlay Music Page on Facebook.

Another experiment that I undertook was to re-release some of my material on iTunes and Amazon. My reasoning behind this move followed a lengthy discussion with friend and artist Stuart Reeman who dragged me beck to the obvious 'power in numbers' theory. At the time of writing this it does appear to be working also.

My second and final album for the years, "Mean Business", was put together at the request of the aforementioned new wave of fans and contains more upbeat numbers; twelve in all. The codeword for "Mean Business" is thistle

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  1. Well done Bob!! Hope that 2011 brings you even more success, Mate!! - Ross Bradley