Sunday, September 25, 2011

Music Set To Blaze

After what has seemed much longer than my absence from therecording studio, with the exception of a few token ventures, I have re-commenced recording my latest album this afternoon.
Initially, the lack of motivation to record was getting me down but some absolutely logical words from my manager, Haych Storm©, who said to relax and not stress over it, the self-imposed pressure to record was gone.

During this more relaxed mindset I have jotted down countless notes, lines and so forth. I had one particular track so 'mentally completed' that it should be completed by tomorrow afternoon if I continue at today's. I am certain that the continued recording of this track combined with lyrics that I have jotted down will fall into place. This is generally what happens.
Gone are the days of recording from 8am. to 2pm, writing a quick blog in the afternoon and then returning late afternoon and record to 3-4am. This could go on for days....many days sometimes. Since being diagnosed with and subsequently treated for manic depression, this frenetic pace an outrageous hours are no more. This was something that I didn't factor in to my lengthy lapse in recording. It makes perfect sense now. that I've spent considerable time in the studio today and had time to do a brief blog about my return to recording I guess that you, dear reader, can run around and excitedly tell all of your friends that "Bob Findlay IS recording a new album!"....*he says smirking to himself.*

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