Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Capitalise From Your Blog

Writing a blog is so easy these days that you can even write a blog the same way you write an email, then all you have to do is to send the email to the blog address and the message is posted on the blog.
To make money with a blog you need to have just two things: Products to sell to your readers, and finally you need the readers themselves to read  your blog and see the products displayed there.
Getting products to your blog is very easy today. There are red-hot affiliate programs and advertising networks which are more than happy to give you all the products you want to insert on all your pages. Most of the times all you have to do is to copy and paste a little piece of code and the affiliate network will do the rest.
There is one important rule you need to know, the more targeted to your pages the product is, the higher the sale will be - all the time - no exceptions.
That was the easy part. The hard part is to get as many readers as possible to your blog. This is only possible with one thing: World class content that people want to read.
Read that last line ten times plus one. If you do not have a way or a mean to have unique world class content that people want to read, you will never have enough readers reading your blog and you will not make as many sales as you could be making.

To find out what people want to read you must use Google Keyword Tool. This free tool shows how many times a keyword is searched and the amount of competition that keyword has. This tool shows one thing, it shows exactly how many people you can get to your blog for that particular topc or niche. 97% of internet users use a search engine and 80% of them use Google so by looking at these numbers you have expert information about what 80% of the market wants.
After knowing what you write about, you need to write the content yourself. I often refer to 'The Writers Resources Guide To Online Writing For Money.' It is inexpensive and in fact has already paid for itself many times over for me.
On the internet people want information and entertainment. You must specialize yourself in one of these niches. The most valuable is the information but the funniest is the entertainment. I would go for information since, you as a blogger, wants to sell as many products as possible and get the highest possible ROI for your work.
The first step here is to become an expert on that topic. People have millions of other blogs and sites to visit and if they see that your posts are not accurate they will leave your blog immediately - no exceptions. Becoming an expert means you will have to buy the best books about that topic and write what you learned. People want free information and if you have the paid information on your side and you write that paid information on your blog for free, people will like it, link to it and the word of mouth advertising will give results soon.
The second step is to understand the perfect intersection of quantity and quality. All your articles, posts, images, everything, need to have a near 100% quality score, that means they must carry pure information and they must be written using the keywords that Google keyword tools gave you. After mastering the science of writing high quality posts and blogs, you need to write as much as possible to give people as much information as possible to make your blog the only place to go to find information.
Now let your loyal readers see your products and affiliate links on your blog, let them click the links and see the money flashing in your account.

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