Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Android Development. Be Aware.

BMW and Audi are the king of the automotive world, owing any of them has become a status symbol. Think of the time when Android application development had just entered the mobile development world and today, you will clearly feel that today it holds a similar status in the mobile development world. It is a Java based open source mobile operating system capable to make mobile devices equivalent to your personal computer. Immense popularity came to it for its unbelievable quality of music and high resolution videos, allowing users to capture their world in their mobile devices the way it looks to their eyes.
Those who use Android or are aware of it also know, each year thousands of Android applications are developed and distributed for free on the Android Market place. You might question, why distribute for free, when lots of money and efforts are put into Android application development. For the simple reason that building these applications and distributing them for free will bring lots of money to Android developers from marketing and creating brand awareness. Just think how many users around the world will be viewing your company Ad every time they load your application. Wait, there is something more to it, if the application is really good and liked by more people then you can also charge monthly fees for updates.
If you own a business, then your free Android application has all potential to bring your clients to your site. More and more people have started using mobile phones as their pocket computer, soon the corporate world will be operating through these hand held devices, thereby increasing your reach to your customers. Let's take an example, by using a business application users can have access to their business sales reports and analyze their profits and losses at the tip of their fingers. Such applications also boost collaboration you can collaborate with any member you want to finalize your decisions regarding company matters.
Are you planning to have your own free Android application and planning to hire Android developer? Be careful. Be meticulous and be patient. Like all 'projects' on the internet, they take time to 'evolve' to their full capacity and to a wide audience. Do your research.
Though you wish to make your application free for use, a good resource will ensure your success. A best resource will always make sure that all things are in place to make your application the best.
Recently I have been dabbling in Android apps. I followed my own advice (as mentioned above) and am now playing the waiting game with the free app below.
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