Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bob Findlay Releases "Nuts And Bolts" E.P.

Recently I released a 6-track E.P. called "Nuts And Bolts." 

The E.P. is a first for me in some ways. "Nuts And Bolts" is the first time that I have ever released an E.P. The reason for this is that the recording of my new full album has been delayed due to circumstances beyond my control and thus I felt that it was time to take the step of releasing 'something' in order to keep my supporters interested. 

"Nuts And Bolts" is also the only music release that contains liner notes for each of the tracks.

Tracks for the E.P. were decided purely on song plays and downloads. It is basically an E.P. of favourites as determined by the listening public. 

Going through the tracks took quite some time and I was actually surprised by the success of two of the tracks on "Nuts And Bolts."....but I won't be telling you which two. I'll let you decide that. What I can tell you is that it is a mini-collection; almost a 'best of' E.P. Having said this, the thought of me putting out an E.P. and calling it 'Best Of' made my ego shrink....as much as it can.

"Nuts And Bolts" came to me purely by fluke. I gave it no thought at all and was assuming that this would only be the 'working title.' As time progresses I managed to add 1+1 and end up with 2. Due to the nature of song selection, the tracks included could possibly be considered the 'nuts and bolts' of my online musical dalliances. Simple.

The E.P. in its' entirety is a solid and upbeat affair. Having said this, I believe that every track on "Nuts And Bolts" stands on its' own, irrespective of the other tracks on the album.

"Nuts And Bolts" has been released exclusively on Bandcamp. Another first. This allows me to discount the E.P. as opposed to both the listener alike being ripped-off by those Nazi's of entertainment, iTunes.

The player below allows you to listen to the entire E.P. You can listen to it as often as you like with no obligation to purchase....unless you decide to.

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