Thursday, December 15, 2011

Xmas Blitz

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For the first time in many years I was afforded the opportunity of Xmas shopping by myself. Prior to this, I was restricted by either having no drivers license or being married. Both of these factors are now obsolete. I set my day and time. So, last Thursday at 9am I arrived in Burnie after an hours drive. Burnie is the closest city to where I live; namely Stanley in Tasmania.

As both of my children are old enough to know that Santa is actually their parents wallets/purses my -ex wife and I can ask 'roughly' what they might like. Well....our children were very specific as to what they wanted. I viewed this as an extra bonus. My -ex wife and I sorted who was buying what, so it was pretty-well a no-brainer.

My son wanted a 'real' mountain bike. Very logical decision I thought as he lives in Burnie &

it's a pretty hilly place. I hit the bike shop first and after regaining consciousness at the prices, I asked to see the manager. I put it to him; "How much for the 'display' bike if I pay cash?" $249 down to $99.00. A great start. I then pushed the bike back to where I was parked & wrestled it into the back of the car with great angst and gnashing of teeth. I must have looked like something out of 'Fawlty Towers,' but I got it in there.

Next on my list was my daughter's gift. I'm not kidding you here, dear reader, but I had to write down what it was. I still can't recall what it is as it's now wrapped up but it's one of those i-touch-pad-phone things. She also made a point of wanting a purple one, her favourite colour. So....I went to Dick Smiths. The only purple one was the shell of a phone. I asked the young lad how much it would take to replace the insides with one of the countless black ones. He went to see the manager who came out and did it in a matter of 2-3 minutes. He dropped $50.00 from the price and threw in a $20.00 iTunes card.

After this I sprinted to the shops that sold plain black or grey T-shirts for my son. For my

daughter I grabbed a knee length casual dress with a separate black sparkly top to wear over the dress.

I rounded of my Xmas blitz with stocking-filler type things. Books and an optical illusion sets and of course chocolatey things that never get eaten.

My entire Xmaz blitz took less than two hours. I sit here and look at the advertisements on television and people bemoaning what they can get their kids for Xmas. As I sit here I laugh at them. "Ha Ha Haaa!!!" I go.

Everything's wrapped and sitting under and around the tree. All there is to do now is wait.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and those close to you a fantastic festive season.

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