Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mobile App Dilemma

Amidst the trials and tribulations of the rashly named 'Festive Season,' house renovations and beginning recording sessions, I have found myself in the not unpleasant position of, after having decided to get my music to you in the mobile format, deciding which option that I prefer.

My preferences are based on ease-of-use for the user, keeping the app. free (always) to you and fitting as much relevant and timely information to you.

After much gnashing of my false teeth I have decided to opt for two apps. Both apps. are adventurously called the 'Bob Findlay mobile app.' 

I shall discuss them here independently of each other in order to prevent confusion on my part.

The first 'Bob Findlay music app.' is brought to you courtesy of BandApp. I found it very easy to set-up. Aside from my music, it also contains a newsletter to keep the user up to speed on my musical goings-on. It also contains photos, useful links. This app. can be used with iPhones, smartphones and Android. As it stands at the moment, the app. is ready for you to download for free right now.

The second 'Bob Findlay music app.' comes courtesy of Infinite Monkeys. It has the same features onboard as the BandApp.
Admittedly it has a more 'slick' appearance but the information contained is slightly more than the bandApp. one. Currently, this app. is only available in HTML5 format or on the 'monkee market.' In the upcoming weeks, I will be adding my Apple iTunes Store and Google Android Market; again at cost to you. If you opt to download this app. now, you will be notified via the newsletter of when the changes are available.

Irrespective of these minor differences, your decision of what free app. to download is yours. I have conducted several 'mini-surveys' over the last few weeks and the Infinite Monkeys 'Bob Findlay mobile app.' has come out on top, despite it awaiting more options to be available free to you.

Personally? I'd also opt for the second mobile app. and wait for the upcoming surprises.

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