Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mobile Music Apps

Mobile music is hardly an 'all new' concept for the internet world. I'm not sure how long mobile music has been around but after several weeks of scouring the internet, I found it rather difficult to find musicians apps. that could be built by a computer-looney (namely me) in a short space of time, looked 'professional' and could be updated via RSS or some such provider.

Eventually I have fine-tuned my own apps. for musicians and followers alike. 

It's all very well to have a 'flashy' app but if it doesn't deliver then the musician can kiss the mobile phone avenue "Bye, bye." Even more so, if the mobile app. has been 'blanket marketed,' this just makes it embarrassingly worse.

What I intend to do on in this entry is to both show you and tell you about the apps. I shall be talking to you directly, be a music lover or be you a musician. In doing so I am also hoping to provide you with the free options of my apps.

As I have decided at the outset of my mobile phone ventures, all of my music apps will be 100% free to download. No flip-side; no Side B. All 100% free to download.

Here goes, dear reader.....

BandApp was the first mobile app that I promoted. It has a very user-friendly interface, the ability to 'load' your app with your music from Soundcloud, iTunes....or both. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Smartphone.

Songpier welcomes the potential subscriber with a very tidy and eye-catching graphics. No rocket science is needed for this one. There are two other factors that swayed me towards this app. The first was the embeddable song player (as seen at the end of this entry). The second is the fact that this app allows the artist to provide the URL of their own mobile stores.

Infinite Monkeys  was the next mobile app and I unashamedly rate this one as my favourite at this point. Despite being about half a horse-length to the 'completion' line, this app. offers everything that you need to know about my music, blogs, RSS feed, videos. 

Google Play was also an added bonus. I'm relatively new to Google Plus, so I had better familiarise myself with it. I am waiting on 'approval' from this company also. The web-page is as slick as the phone appearance. You can even write your very own review of any facet of the app and also give it a rating.

AppsBar is my most recent mobile venture and is a rather slick looking number. It can be used with iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, websites and blogs.


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment.....and what a great site you have. I shall definitely be recommending your page. :)