Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bob Findlay In ArtistSignal Competition(Part 1).

ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. They give the Top Artist at the end of the month $10,000. This allows listeners to propel talented musicians to the top of our platform and gives musicians an entirely new avenue to grow their fan base.

Another $5,000 is split between all remaining musicians based on the amount of votes they receive during the month (excluding the #1 artist). The contest is free for both musicians and voters.Voters can earn rewards directly from musicians just by voting!

I joined the competition half-way through last month (August, 2013) expecting that a good result would be inside the Top 1,000. I was way wrong. I finished the month is position amidst some very talented musicians in position  224. This result was more than enough to begin this month (September, 2010). My aim? To finish inside the top 200. I have surpassed that and am, at time of writing, sitting around the 125 position. Between myself and the top 100 position lies approximately 200 votes. I would like YOUR help

You can keep up to speed via my updates on the Facebook Bob Findlay ArtistSignal Contest 

Join my 'quest' to finish in the 'Top 100' in the ArtistSignal music competition. My aim is to finish this month within the 'Top 100' to help put  Tasmanian and Australian music in the spotlight. Every vote is appreciated & if I finish in the 'Top 100' EVERY person who votes more than twice for me will receive a FREE album download. 

No strings attached. "Thank You" in advance

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