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Bob Findlay Puts Tasmanian Music On The Map

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Prior to commencing this entry, I feel that I should 're-introduce' myself as I am expecting that I will have more readers than I have in the past in light of my recent entry in a global music competition hosted by ArtistSignal. 

I was born in Scotland in 1979 and emigrated to Tasmania in 1979. I first took up the guitar after hearing The Rolling Stones song "Start Me Up." Since then I have pretty-well done the rounds musically in Tasmania and took to online music in 2007 after a lengthy hiatus due to alcohol abuse....and it has proved successful today.

I first heard of the global ArtistSignal music competition from fellow independent musician, Joe Gande a few months ago. I paid little attention as I had never entered a competition before. One morning I justt caught a glimpse of their Facebook site and investigated further. After some rough calculations I figured that I "just might" be able to summon up my friends and music followers and maybe land within the 'Top 1,000.'

I am as surprised as the next person when I realised that I was even a chance of reaching the 'Top 100' in the competition. To finish 80th is almost beyond my comprehension....almost.

The contest hosted by ArtistSignal has been running for approximately 3 years. The contests are divided into months, with the highest placed musician winning $10,000. A further $5,000 is divided up between those ranked below this. The winner is decided at the end of each month with the winner being unable to win the $10,000 a second time. 

My music has been compared to, in varying degrees, to The Rolling Stones, The Faces, The Band, Warren Zevon, Status Quo, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Joe Walsh and Mick Taylor.

After a sluggish first week my rank was gradually moving upwards with the occasional drop back down a place or two. It wasn't until the last week when things really started to 'kick off' for me. Every time that I glanced at my page, I had gained two, three and sometimes four votes in a very short period.

What did take me by surprise was where the most prolific voters and/or influences originated from. Two former work colleagues during my 22-plus years as a State Registered Nurse, Helen Conn and Caroline Tuffnell really came to the fore. Caroline's husband, Scott, just happens to review CD's on Amazon mp3. I was both surprised and humbled by such an accolade from an experienced 'third party.' You can view Scott's review of the "Nuts And Bolts" E.P. which he happened across on my ArtistSignal page by clicking here.  Other friends include Pamela Hawley, with whom I did my Nursing training and former school friend, Sonya Cotton. The most prominent Facebook friends were Margaret Smith and Sandi Forrester. 

Added to this list of supporters are my daughter Moriganne along with four Tasmanian politicians, namely the Premier, Ms Lara Giddings, Mr. Scott Bacon, Mr. David O'Byrne.and Mr. Jeremy Rockliff. Tasmanian journalist Annah Fromberg from A.B.C. News and radio stations Heart1073, WayFM  and SeaFm in Hobart were also kind enough to support me.

Rounding off my summation of voters who played a prominent part in my position in the field are the above-mentioned independent musician Joe Gande from New York, Canadian promoter and D.J. David Slater and long time supporter Bob Pope

I shall be taking some time away from ArtistSignal due to school holidays followed by the commencement of my next album.

I hope that my achievement may turn the music spotlight on Tasmania as I view Tasmanian music alongside other Tasmanian world famous assets.

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