Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

As you may or may not be aware I have recently launched two online newspapers, both focusing Tony Joe 478x524
on difffering areas of Tasmania and all that goes with it. Being a musician and music buff in general, my firt newspaper to be launched was adventurously named. "Music In Tasmania"  The second newspaper was simply called"Tasmania Today,"
Both newspapers are heavily dependent on Twitter. With regards to "Tasmania Today" I have access to a wealth of information pertaining to Tasmania, including up-to-the-minute news releases from local newspapers & television stations, Police Tasmania and almost every politician in the State.

"Music In Tasmania" has (predictably) turned out to be a tougher task on the administration front. My 26 years as a professional musician told me that I would have to do some chasing. So I did. I contacted as many Tasmanian musicians as I was able on ReverbNation and MySpace advising them about my upcoming venture. The only Tasmanian musician that I didn't contact was Rod Fritz as his online presence & 'reachability' is second to none. Without any great deal of work on my part, Rod has been the 'featured article' on three occasions thus far.
Out of all the Tasmanian musicians that I wrote to, I received ONE response. That response came from Argusband from Hobart. As I alluded to earlier, I wasn't at all surprised at the lack of response from Tasmanian bands. Things haven't changed in the live circuit since the mid-90s. Bands are content doing a gig every week or so to the same crowd. To my way of thinking, music isn't a business to them. Having said this, if they're happy enough doing this, then best of luck to them.
So....I have put my backup plan into action. "Music In Tasmania" is now titled "Music And Arts In Tasmania." There is a wealth of easily accessible and breathtaking stuff to present to you.


  1. Well done on the blog Bob, not surprised at the lack of response - Tall poppy syndrome + subconscious fear of "un-cool" work needed to be done

  2. Don't know about tall poppy... speaking as a musician and full time journo/desktop publisher who's had to live on 6 hours sleep a night for decades - like many busy career-jugglers - I think it may be more about information overload and lack of time. It's the 21st century headspin. Bit like that old Police song "Too much information running through my brain, Too much information driving me insane".

    Good onya though Bob.

    PS I'd never heard of you until a bloke from Canada messaged me on reverbnation and said "you must know Bob Findlay then". Told him no and googled. Lol.


  3. Cheers Craig.

    A bloke from Canada, eh? Wouldn't be a 'limey' would he? ;)

    I'm always amused when people reel off a musician or artist or poet and assume the entire planet knows them because they're on the internet.

    The internet makes me feel smaller & smaller each day.