Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Take Me To The Station

Due to the personal nature of this particular blog, I will have to refer to the past from time to time in order to clarify a situation. This is one such occasion in order to get the ball that IS this blog well and truly rolling.

Several years ago, due to my alcohol abuse and the numerous seizures that I suffered during my countless attempts at stopping. I was placed on a medication called Valpro. It is also known as Sodium Valproate or Epilim. It is prescribed for anyone who has experienced seizures, be they trauma induced, related to alcohol withdrawal or true epilepsy. It can also be prescribed as a mood stabiliser in people with manic depression, such as myself. Once you are prescribed Valpro, theoretically you are on the medication for the rest of your life. Eric Clapton suffered his first seizure from alcohol withdrawal at the age of 40....as did I.

Over the last few months, I have been feeling out of sorts. I was so out of sorts that I was unable to undertake any home recording. I’ve been edgy and shaky despite also being on Diazepam and Lithium. I visited my Doctor yesterday after having blood taken two weeks ago to check my levels. My Valpro levels were “critically low.” This was due to the fact that I’d gained some 10kg in weight since my last blood sample being taken.

The Doctor, understandably, acted immediately and increased my Valpro by 33%….a drastic but necessary change. I slept as well as I normally do but all day I have felt like I’m walking on cotton wool. Almost floating. Having said this, I have been lucid and have experienced no lethargy that I was expecting.

I am hoping that once my light-headed sensation has settled, I shall resume recording at home and be able to give you updates on my latest album which has been in the pipelines for months due to the aforementioned bout of illness.

In the meantime, I can feel a coffee a cigarette and a ponder on out on the back porch coming on.

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