Saturday, July 2, 2011

Warren Papas And Cherish Photography

My how life can throw you curves....and not always for the worst.

My son started High School two years ago. I was taken aback to see that one of the teachers, Warren Papas at his school shared accommodation with me back when I was 17 at a purpose-built facility for students who lived in remote areas in relation to the College. He's a year younger than me and I always recall that we got along well; mainly through humour.

I caught up with him on Facebook and soon discover that he was a more than accomplished photographer. Having recently started one of two online papers that aims at the arts in Tasmania I asked him for some for some information on what he did. I cannot express it properly myself, so below are his own words from his official website:

"Welcome to Cherish Photography – Newborn and Wedding Photography. We are a boutique photography company who specialise in newborns and weddings. That’s all we do. It’s what we love and are passionate about. You get a true expert when you choose us and our results are sure to amaze you. Cherish Photography are the North West Coast’s premier newborn photographers and are rapidly becoming well known in Launceston. Cherish Photography are true professionals. You get outstanding images in the comfort of your own home. Your more comfortable at home and it’s one less trip out. Book today!"

Warren goes on to add: "The current issue of The Advocate’s Tummy to Two parent magazine features one of our images from last year. The image was of a cute little three month old boy who had an old man style hat on. A little like the baggy green Australian cricket cap. It made for a very cute image."

To see the quality of work produced by Cherish Photography, visit their website:

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