Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Change At Last

Over the last several months I have done nothing musically with the exception of promoting my older material. I have no idea why this has occured; nor do I have any idea why this changed yesterday when I just took to the studio and laid down a bass track and two rhythm tracks.

I was in the studio for approximately three hours as the tracks were already crystal clear....and had been for some time....so the actual playing of them was quite simple. I spent approximately an hour mixing what I had just recorded. No doubt this mixing will be tampered with over and over again as time progresses.

Waking up this morning full of beans and ready to get back into the recording business again I had a touch of bad luck. The weather here is 5 degrees Celcius then seconds after plugging in the only heater available there became a 'dangerous' smell emanating from it....if that makes sense. I can only assume that it's the actual heater as everything else in the studio is working fine and the studio has three-phase electricity wired in.

Despite the months away from the recording business I have a truckload of track 'upstairs.' I have no doubt that I'll be left with the pleasant dilemma of having to cut down the number of tracks on the next album.

Having broadcasted my upcoming album, I have no idea when it will be released. I have released the E.P. "Dollys Mixtures." It is a small collection of lesser-known tracks that I hope people will enjoy.

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