Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make The Internet Global

Well, my day was almost half way over when I started this blog It was 12.15pm. I got out of bed just after 6am. and almost like a robot, went into the recording studio, the same studio that was more like a cool store. I was able to record a lead guitar track (in two takes) then had my customary cigarette and coffee outside on the (covered in) veranda.

As I sat there pondering all sorts of menial things the rain was deafening on the fibreglass roof I got to thinking what I was going to do for the rest of the day.

I then remembered a blog entry that I was going to do on behalf of Stuart Reeman; an artist and close friend. “Great!” I thought. This sentiment soon changed to “Shit!” when I discovered that the email he had sent with a required attachment contained the exact same wording as was used in a previous post that I did on his behalf.

I emailed him back pointing this out and am currently waiting on a response. I’ve told him that it doesn’t need to be much for me to run with as I am intending only to do mini-blogs on each of his works featured on his website.

So….I’ve put that behind me for the time being and of all things to do, I felt like doing an entry for this ‘lazy blog.’ As I am writing, I’m thinking what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day….and I think I have the answer. Lyrics. Lyrics to the 2/3 completed song that I started working on recently as I can ‘feel’ it taking shape.

I’m also waiting on replies regarding one of my two online newspapers. My first, “Tasmania Today” is easy. I just check a customized list on Twitter, re-post, re-tweet and use appropriate hashtags in order to get my stories of choice featured.

“Music And Arts In Tasmania” is a different thing altogether.Whilst waiting for replies from relevant artists and so forth, I went through various Tasmanian artists and found that they have a very low web presence. Musicians, for example, seem to think that ReverbNation and MySpace are sufficient from what I can deduce. The few bios. and photos that I have received are great, most notably from Tasmanian musician Rod Fritz.

Further investigations that I have carried out, mainly blog statistics, show that the U.S.A. is light years ahead of any other country with regards to following a link. Australia is waaaay behind on this front. It could be that Australian readers view a story or tweet prima facie without getting their teeth into the full story. It seems to mw that Americans were born with a laptop and twittering #mybirth while the rest of us are still trying to work out where to plug the damn thing in.

Whatever the reason, I urge Australian artists to focus on the States. Until the Australian public ( most other countries....Canada excluded) begin using the internet to its’ full potential, then we’re ‘playing to an empty room,’ so to speak.

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